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Jonathon Milne Breaks World Record

SOPA's Jonathon Milne who won Paralympic bronze in Rio has warmed up for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games by shooting a World Record at the Australian Nationals held in Victoria.












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2019 Trans Tasman Championships

The following SOPA archers represented Australia at the 2019 Trans Tasman Championships held in Auckland New Zealand.

Chevyone Cheah

Isabella Mavlian

Elizabeth Parington

Branden Tse

Laura Trezise

Ammrutha Vashetharan

These archers collected a total of 15 medals for Australia, including 7 Gold

Picture left to right: Elizabeth, Isabella, Chevyone, Ammrutha, Laura, Branden

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Tayla wins Silver at Asia Cup

SOPA's Tayla King has won a team silver medal at the 2019 Asia Cup stage 2 held in Taipei. This was a big achievement as Tayla and her team were up against many higher ranked countries including Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei and Malaysia. The club has assisted Tayla with her costs for the trip by presenting her with a $500 cheque. Well done Tayla!

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2019 National Indoor - SOPA Achieves 65 Medals

SOPA archers received an amazing 23 National and 42 State Medals at the 2019 National Indoor Tournament

Congratulations to the following SOPA National Champions

-Ammrutha Vashetharan-Cub Female Recurve

-Darren Chandra - Cub Male Barebow

-Eddie Upston - Cadet Male Recurve

-Imalia Oktrininda - Para Female Recurve

-Ameera Christina Lee - Women 2 Para Compound

-Rebecca Woods - Women 1 Para Compound

-Kevin Curran - Veteran Male Barebow

-Norman Sim - Veteran Male Barebow Compound

-Kuytim Alikay - Veteran+ Male Barebow Recurve

2nd Place (Silver)

-Branden Tse - Cub Male Recurve

-Giorgio Vasiliades- Intermediate Male Recurve

-Melissa Spinocchia - Open Female Recurve

-Tracey Hansford - Veteran Female Recurve

-Marek Steiner - Para Male Recurve

-Garry Robinson - Para Male Compound

3rd Place (Bronze)

-Chevyone Cheah - Cadet Female Recurve

- Laura Trezise - 20 and Under Female Recurve

-Braven Tse - Intermediate Male Barebow

-Tayla King - Open Female Recurve

-Jonathan Milne - Open Male Compound

-Dari Mollart - Cub Female Barebow Recurve

-Kevin Curran - Veteran Male Barebow Recurve

-Richard Edser - Veteran+ Male Compound

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Unbreakable Tournament

Garry Robinson is the epitome of someone who is unbreakable. If you don’t already know his story, please take a few minutes to view this video ABC Australian Story. We are so inspired by Garry’s recovery and achievement we thought we would have a tournament on each Saturday after Anzac Day and call it Unbreakable.

We wanted a tournament that would be available to most archers but would be so mentally challenging that only the toughest would survive and become the Unbreakable Champion of 2019, receive $1000 and be engraved into the new Garry Robinson Perpetual Trophy. The tournament will be held on Saturday 27/04/2019. For further details and registration please go to the club calendar click here

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Garry Robinson - Invictus (unconquered)

Garry Robinson (Special Forces Team Commander) was in a Blackhawk Helicopter that crashed in Afghanistan in 2010, he sustained severe injuries to his body and spent 2 years in hospital rehabilitating from a traumatic brain injury.

Garry took up archery as a sport to assist with his rehabilitation and to stay focused and active, he joined our club in May 2017 and is now competing in the upcoming Invictus Games in Sydney (Hockey Stadium Sydney Olympic Park) on 25th October.

Garry and his family have been an enormous inspiration to all of us at SOPA and we wish him the best of success in the Games.

To find out more about Garry

ABC Australian Story

I am Father

Garry's Journey as told by his amazing wife (Katrina)

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2018 State Indoor

NSW State Indoor 2018
Gold Medalist ( NSW State Champions )
- Ammrutha Vashetharan - Cub Female Recurve
- Branden Tse - Cub Male Recurve
- Dari Mollart - Cub Female Barebow Recurve
( first time competing in a State Level )
- Giorgio Vasiliades - Intermediate Male Recurve
- Chevyone Cheah - Cadet Female Recurve
- Eddie Upston - Cadet Male Recurve
- Laura Trezise - 20 & Under Female Recurve
- Joanna Murray - Open Female Recurve
- Alex King - Open Male Recurve
- Kevin Curran - Open Male Longbow
- Saskia James - Master Female Recurve
- Gregor Whiley - Veteran Male Barebow Recurve
- Elise Kayla Grech - Cadet Female Compound
- Gabriel Willis Buckland - Cadet Male Compound
- Jonathan Milne - Open Male Compound
- Marek Steiner - Para Male Open Recurve
- Ameera Christina Lee - Para W1 Female Compound

Silver Medalist :
- Tyla Cordingley-Sheehan - Cub Female Recurve
- Henry Malin - Cub Male Recurve
- Elizabeth Parington - Intermediate Female Recurve
- Isabella Mavlian - Cadet Female Recurve
- Alex Kim - 20 & Under Male Recurve
- Tyla King - Open Female Recurve
- Rachel Milne - Open Female Longbow
- Dawid Bester - Open Male Recurve
- Fran Boyle - Master Female Recurve
- Louise Mollart - Master Female Barebow Recurve
- Jason Doyle - Master Male Recurve
- Raymond Broady - Veteran Male Longbow
- Peter Hale - Veteran + Male Longbow
- Kuytim Alikay - Veteran + Male Barebow Recurve
- Rebecca Woods - Para W1 Female Compound
- Maxwell Liu - 20 & Under Male Recurve

Bronze Medalist :
- Julia Wright - Open Female Longbow
- Peter Boukouvalas - Open Male Recurve
- William Lawlor - Open Male Barebow Recurve
- Julie Ann Edser - Veteran Female Compound
- Norman Sim - Veteran Male Compound

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2018 Youth Nationals - SOPA achieves 53 Medals

At the recent Youth Nationals held in Morwell, Victoria, SOPA Juniors brought home 53 medals and received around 75% of all medals won by NSW clubs. This was an incredible achievement made possible with the brilliant work of our head coaches, Ricci (Head Coach) and Alex (Youth Coach) and of course the dedicated archers who trained so hard to receive their awards. The KSL accredited coaching structure SOPA has put in place is now reaping results.

SOPA Medal tally achieved at the 2018 Youth Nationals

26 GOLD Medals

13 SILVER Medals

14 BRONZE Medals

Ammrutha and Eddie also picked up best female and male performance awards.

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Para Nationals Canberra

What an exciting weekend it was for our SOPA Para Archery Team who participated in both the Tuggeranong Para & VI Indoor Championship on Saturday 10/3/2018 with

1st Place winners
Jonathan Milne - Male Compound
Rebecca Woods - Female Compound
Ameera Christina Lee - Female Recurve
3rd Place
Garry Robinson

Outdoor Event
1st Place
Jonathon Milne - Male Compound
Ameera Christina Lee - Female Recurve
Rebecca Woods - Female Compound

3rd Place
Garry Robinson - Male Compound

A very special warm welcome also to be conveyed to two talented para archers Peter Marchant and Imalia Ismojo who will be joining our SOPA club para team. Both Peter and Imalia had also performed well in both the Championships by attaining
1st Place - Indoor
Peter Marchant
2nd Place - Indoor
Imalia Ismojo
2nd Place - Outdoor
Peter Marchant
Imalia Ismojo

Thank you to the following Agents who had assisted the Para Archers during the course of the two days weekend.
Adriana Tan
Saskia James
David Hunter
Rachel Milne
Katrina Robinson

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NSW Metro Championships

Another haul of medals for SOPA.
Congratulations to

Division 1 Male
Jonathan Milne - 1st

Division 2 Female
Vivian GAN - 2nd

Division 3 Female
Vivian Gan - 1st

Division 3 Male
Hassy Sfar - 2nd

Division 4 Female
Katrina Robinson - 1st

Division 4 Male
Garry Robinson - 1st

Team Compound SOPA - 1st
Jonathon Milne
Vivian GAN
Daniel Curran

Well done all !

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National and State Indoor Championships

At the 2017 Indoor Championships SOPA archers achieved an amazing 9 National and 34 State Medals

Ammrutha Vashetharan
Giorgio Vasiliades
Chevyone Cheah
Eddie Upston
Tayla King
Dawid Bester
Kevin Curran
Pearly Sime
Kuytim Alikay
Raymond Broady
Rebecca Woods
Garry Robinson

Isabella Mavlian
Gabriel Buckland Willis
Laura Trezise
Alex Kim
Peter Boukouvalas
Nicholas Kyriazis
Joanna Murray
Jonathon Milne
Victor Wei
William Lawlor
Marek Steiner
Gregor Whiley
Kevin Curran
Norman Sim
Peter Hale
Leon Hides
Rebecca Woodsd
Garry Robinson

Tyla Cordingley-Sheehan
Elizabeth Parington
Rudy Doyle
Kevin Gillett

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SOPA wins 21 medals at State Championships

SOPA has dominated the State Short Course Championships held at Penrith on Sunday 9/7/2017. SOPA arches won a total of 21 medals including 8 Gold..

Gold Medals
Chevyone Cheah
Eddie Upston
Laura Trezise
Jonathon Milne
Joanna Murray
Pearly Sim
Rudy Sicha
William Lawlor

Silver Medals
Tayla Cordingley Sheehan
Giorgio Vasiliades
Isabella Mavlian
Gabriel Buckland Willis
Peter Boukouvalas
Tayla King
Ian Asidera
Victor Wei
Norman Sim

Bronze Medals
Elizabeth Parington
Nicholas Kyriazis
Melissa Spinocchia
Dawid Bester
Marek Steiner

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SOPA has taken out Gold and Bronze in the final of the Australian Matchplay Series. Jo Murray took the gold and Tayla King the bronze. The girls have been training hard under the watchfull eye of SOPA's Head Coach, Ricci Cheah.

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2017 National Para Champions

SOPA has dominated the 2017 National Para Championships held in Canberra with 4 out of 4 Indoor Gold and 3 out of 4 Outdoor Gold.

Our new National Champions are Ameera, Rebecca, 'Jonno' (Jonathon) and Marek.

We wish to thank Ricci Cheah (SOPA Head Coach) for steering them to success and those who assisted at the event, Daniel, Saskia and Kez.

Photo (left to right) Ameera, Rebecca, Daniel, Ricci, Jonno, Saskia, Marek and Kez.

SOPA is a club with a track record of supporting Para's reach their sporting dreams and goals even to winning a Paralympic Medal (Jonno, Rio 2016).

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2017 Australian Open - Laura wins Bronze at age 16

SOPA's Laura Trezise has won a bronze medal at the 2017 Australia Open in Brisbane. Laura who is 16 years old has also recently qualified as a Level 2 international KSL coach.

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SOPA dominates at State Target

Congratulations to the following State Champions from Sydney Olympic Park Archers.

Chevyone Cheah
Eammon Marha
Elizabeth Parington
Giorgio Vasiliades
Joanna Murray
Rudy Sicha
Victor Wei

Gabriel Buckland Willis
Isabella Mavlian
Jonathon Milne
Rudy Doyle

Alex Kim
Dawid Bester
Tayla King

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Jono Wins Bronze in Rio

In just a few years Jono Milne has gone from being told he wont walk again to being one of Australia's best archers. He has now blasted onto the world scene by winning a bronze medal in Rio. With Australia's new young talented coach Ricci Cheah guiding him and a strong support group of family, friends and club members at SOPA, Jono has achieved what most would think an impossible task. He is an inspiration to all. Life can deal out some tough blows but don't tell Jono that, he is to busy achieving his next goal. Jono is the first Australian para archer to win a medal at the Paralympic Games in 32 years.

Read the World Archery article on Jono Here

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iCare, weCare, Go Jono!

Triumph in the Midst of Trials
Rio, spinal cord injury and archer
Disclaimer / do not read this article if you don't want to be inspired!

When you are 206cm (6 foot 9 inch) tall and having a giant of a life, the shock of finding yourself paralysed from the chest down and totally dependent on those around you has been described as a door opening and being flung into a world that you could never have imagined. That is what happened to Jonathon.

On the eve of Christmas Eve, 2012, Jonathon was going for a swim at Avoca beach with his wife, Sarah, when his forehead clipped a sand bar and snapped his head down onto his chest leaving him floating face down in the surf. Sarah noticed him bobbing his head up and down and flipped him over and dragged him to shore. Eight hours in surgery at Royal North Shore Hospital on Christmas Eve and then to be told,"You have what you have. That is all we can tell you." Jonathon was paralysed from the chest down and his arms were also badly effected. But even as he came out of recovery from surgery, still heavily sedated and intubated and connected to all sorts of machines, the second sentence he uttered to Sarah and I was,"I think I'll take up archery. It's a sport I can do from the chair." I don't know if he had some sort of revelation whilst he was sedated and in surgery but he seemed to emerge from theatre with a grace and focus and determination that could be described as a divine gift. (Not once since the accident has Jonathon complained or displayed any frustration at his new state of being!)

Four weeks later was his birthday and with money that was given by family and friends Sarah took him to an archery store and he bought his first bow. With his neck brace on and strapped into his wheelchair ( he couldn't sit up by himself!) we got him to the public end of Sydney Olympic Park Archery range and he started shooting. It was February, hot and humid and very uncomfortable, but he was not deterred. It didn't take Jonathon long to discover that he really enjoyed the sport and happened to have some talent at it. Several times a week we would drive from Ryde Rehab hospital to SOPA and he would shoot. He was in Ryde rehab for 4 months. During that time, archery gave him a reason to get out, get moving and have a new focus.

There was a new hope.

Before long, Jonathon's enjoyment and commensurate ability at archery led him to become a member of the SOPA club where, in his first club shoot, he attained a medal for an "all gold" at 50 metres. The SOPA club "family" have been wonderfully supportive and encouraging of Jonathon from day one. He made some new friends and found a new life. Archery has also become his new vocation. Prior to his accident, Jonathon was a carpenter, but now ladders do not figure in his immediate future! So regular trips to Abbey archery to buy new equipment led him to apply for a position there, and there he has been happily employed for more than 12 months. During that time, as a result of persistent and consistent shooting, Jonathon's archery scores rose to an internationally elite level. This led to an invitation from world archery for Jonathon to attend the World Para Championships in Germany in August 2015. There he surprised everyone and came 4th in world and earned a spot at the Paralympics in Rio this year. Since then, with direction from his coach, Ricci, Jonathon has competed in Queensland, Victoria, Adelaide, Shanghai and Turkey against all comers, with great success.

Many people may think that sustaining an injury such as Jonathon's would shrink your life, but his story bears testimony to the contrary. Jonathon's journey of pursuing his interest in the sport of archery has empowered him to overcome great physical challenges; but maybe even more importantly, it has inspired him to live a life that truly makes him happy - where his vacation has become his vocation.

I once read that "we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give!". Jonathon is now employed in an archery store, engaged in the sport, and enjoying the privilege of coaching younger archers. Initially, it would seem that a spinal cord injury would only be a catastrophe that detracts from one's life. Jonathon's story serves to remind and inspire us that need not be the case. We cannot always choose what comes to us, but we can choose how to respond. Spinal cord injury came to Jonathon. So did archery. Jonathon responded with a depth of character, an attitude of perseverance and positivity, and a generosity of spirit that have carried him to personal highs and landed him on the brink of what is a dream for most people - representing their country at the Olympics or Paralympics.

His road to Rio began at a turn of events that no one would invite into their life. But before he even arrives on that world stage, his life is one of triumph.

Go Jono!

See Jono preparing for Rio in the iCare video at Click Here

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SOPA at The National/State Indoor

2nd Mat Tonowicz >20 & Under Male Compound
2nd Rudy Sicha >Veteran Male Barebow Recurve
3rd Peter Hale >Veteran+ Male Longbow

1st Tayla King >Open Female Recurve
1st Mateusz Tonowicz >20 & Under Male Compound
1st Alex Kim >Cadet Male Recurve
1st Elizabeth Parington >Cub Female Recurve
1st Rudy Doyle > Cub Male Recurve
1st Rudy Sicha > Veteran Male Barebow Recurve
1st Peter Hale > Veteran+ Male Longbow
1st Pearly Sim > Veteran Female Compound
2nd Shaun Wang>Cadet Male Recurve
2nd Giorgio Vasiliades > Cub Male Recurve
2nd Chevyone Cheah > Intermediate Female Recurve
2nd Peter Valas >20 & Under Male Recurve
2nd Alex King > Open Male Recurve
2nd Kevin Curran > Veteran Male Compound
2nd Kevin Gillett > Veteran Male Recurve
3rd Marha>Cadet Male Recurve
3rd Isabella Mavlian >Intermediate Female Recurve
3rd Norman Sim > Veteran Male Recurve
3rd Danielle Jansen van Rensburg > Cadet Female Recurve
3rd Steve Cheah: > Master Male Recurve
3rd Gabriel Buckland Willis > Intermediate Male Compound

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Father and Son Show They Have Plenty of 'Clout'

Clout is a very traditional form of archery and a fantastic break from the usual target archery. Clout requires a lot of skill as the arrows travel over twice the distance of target archery for age division.

Jason and Rudy have been shooting arrows for less than a year but have shown they can hit a small target at long distance and smash club records. Jason hit the small clout twice from a distance of 165 meters in his first ever clout shoot.

Rudy (Jason's son) was not going to be outdone by dad hitting the clout a record 4 times at 100m with 36 arrows. Amazing shooting guys!

Clout is still alive and well at SOPA!

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2016 Oceania Championships - Tonga

Congratulations to the following SOPA Archers who represented Australia at the 2016 Oceania Championships held in Tonga.

Ian Asidera
Gold: Commonwealth Championships
Gold: Oceania Championships
Gold: Mixed Matchplay
Silver: Oceania 1440

Lisa Maton
Gold: Commonwealth Championships
Gold: Oceania 1440
Silver: Oceania Championships

Mat Tonowicz
Silver: Oceania Junior Men Championships

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2016 Youth Nationals

Congratulations to the following SOPA archers who obtained medals at the 2016 Youth Nationals.

Rebecca Valassis
Gild: Target
Gold: Field
Gold: Short Distance

Peter Valassis
Gold: Target
Gold: Field
Gold: Short Distance

Laura Trezise
Gold: Clout
Silver: Short Distance

Eddie Upston
Bronze: Clout

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2016 Australian Open

SOPA broke another Australian record last weekend when 37 archers from one club headed north to Brisbane to compete in the 2016 Australian Open. 38 airline seats, 20 bedrooms and 6 people movers.

Around 1/3 of the entrants in this high performance event were from SOPA.

Mat Gray – Team Matchplay

Tayla King – Team Matchplay
Jo Murray – Team Matchplay
Mellissa Spinocchia – Team Matchplay

Tayla King – Individual Matchplay
Shaun Wang – Team Matchplay
Alex King – Team Matchplay
Victor Wei – Team Matchplay
Mat Gray – Team Matchplay

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SOPA dominates Warringah Open

SOPA archers dominated the Warringah open held 13/02/2016. Victor, Ian and Lisa won their divisions. SOPA also won both compound and recurve team events including matchplay. Well done to all!

SOPA Placings

Male Open Recurve
1 Victor Wei
2 Frank Figliuzzi
3 Jaymie Murray

Male Open Compound
1 Ian Asidera
2 Jonathon Milne
3 Clinton Wright

Female Open Compound
1 Lisa Matton
3 Julia Wright

Female Open Recurve
2 Jo Murray

Male Master Recurve
3 Steve Cheah

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One Thousand Arrows in One Day Challenge

Most archers will shoot up to 100 arrows in one day, so shooting 1000 in one day is both physically and mentally taxing, To complete this grueling process requires a determination and focus that not too many posses.

Four SOPA members completed the challenge on New Years Eve.





Chevyone at the age of only 13 showed how determined she was to complete this exhausting challenge and was the first to finish. She was then rewarded with a shoulder massage from our Head Coach and qualified physio Ricci.

The future of Australian archery is once again looking good due to the passion and discipline of these young archers along with Ricci’s experience and guiding influence and using KiSik Lees sound bio mechanical archery methods which reduces physical and mental fatigue.

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Another Successful KiSik Lee Seminar at SOPA

Alex King has joined the list of Level 2 Coaches at SOPA. Alex gave an impressive demonstration of his knowledge of the Shot Cycle in front of Mr Lee to achieve his certification. This puts the number of SOPA qualified coaches at four.

The seminar was a huge success with all those who sat the Level 1 certification passing the difficult test, a first for the worldwide seminars.There are now over 50 Level one certified archers throughout the world.

SOPA Coaches
Ricci Chea: Level 3
Greg Nguyen: Level 2
Elisa Barnard: Level 2
Alex King: Level 2

Congratulations to the following SOPA members who achieved Level 1 Certification
Victor Wei
Shaun Wang
Laura Trezise
David Roig
Peter Tralaggan
Bailey Twomey
Gregor Whiley
Marek Steiner
Ben Page

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KiSik Lee Sydney Seminar 15th-18th December

Sydney Olympic Park Archers once again hosts a training and coaching accreditation seminar from the World's leading archery coach, KiSik Lee. If you are an archer, potential coach or current coach you should not miss this event.

Come and hear from the Worlds leading archery coach. Learn how to shoot better. Learn how to coach better.

Even if you have been in archery only a short time you will most probably have heard the name KiSik Lee. He is the coach who led Australia out of the archery wilderness to achieve our only Olympic archery medals . He has also coached Brady Ellison from being a compounder to become arguably the best recurve archer of all time. No other coach in the world comes close to his record, 15 Olympic medals (7 gold) and 24 World Championship medals. Through his International Seminars and KLICC accreditation Mr Lee has already certified 1 Level 3 Coach (Ricci Cheah) 14 Level 2 Coaches and over 40 Level 1 Instructors throughout the world. If you are an archer, learn how to shoot smarter and stronger and learn how to avoid injury. If you have target panic, this can be easily cured. Learn how to deal with matchplay at major events. If you are looking to become a coach, get a proper accreditation that can be recognised throughout the world and start your students on a path to success while reducing risks of injury by using correct biomechanics.

KiSik Lee is a World Archery Coaching Committee Member

To register click here

Photo: KiSik, Ricci, Jon

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2015 NSW State Clout

Congratulations to the following SOPA members who achieved medals at the 2015 State Clout.

Tayla King
Jaymie Murray
Elizabeth Hole

Melissa Spinocchia
Bailey Twomey

Joanna Murray
Steve Cheah

Photo: Melissa, Tayla, Joanna

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2015 AA National Championships

The AA National Championships were held in Morwell Victoria. Congratulations to the following SOPA members who received medals.

Tayla King: Gold (Clout), Silver (Short Target), Bronze (Target), Bronze (Field)

Liz Hole: Bronze (Clout), Bronze (Short Target), Bronze (Target), Bronze (Field)

Kevin Gillett: Gold (Clout), Silver (Field), Bronze (Short Target)

Pearly Sim: Bronze (Target), Bronze (Short Target)

Alex Kim: Bronze (Target)

Shaun Wang: Bronze (Short Target)

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2015 State Championships

SOPA produced some impresive results at the State Championships including a 1, 2 and 3 on the Men's Open Recurve Podium.

Shaun Wang: Gold Medal - Open men

Tayla King: Gold Medal - Open women

Nic Kyriazis: Gold medal - Cadet Boys

Chevyone Cheah: Gold medal - Cub Female

Dawid Bester: silver medal - Open men

Liz Hole: Silver medal - Master Women

Alex King: Bronze Medal - Open men

Steve Cheah: Bronze medal - Master Men

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2015 Australian Masters Games

Vintage 2015 and like good wine SOPA's masters proved they get better with time in the home of some of Australia's best reds.


Rudy Sicha x 3 (Target, Field, 3D)

Ian Assidera x 2 (Target, 3D)

Ben Townsend (Target)


Ian Assidera (Field)


Ray Broady (Clout)

Kevin Gillett (Field)

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2015 Para World Championships

SOPA's Jonathon Milne has come 4th at the 2015 Para World Championships in Germany. In his first World competition Jono nearly brought home a bronze medal and has earnt praise and respect from the commentators. We cant wait to see what he can do in Rio. Marek completed his tournament by winning his first elimination match against Leon Miyamoto from Japan but was knocked out when he came up against 9th ranked Lee Hong Gu from Korea. Marek finished a very credible 33 in the rankings. Well done Marek, this is only the beginning.

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National Indoor Championships

Congratulations to our two new National Indoor Champions.

  • Shaun Wang 1st (Cadet Male Recurve)
  • Mat Tonowicz 1st (20 & Under Male Compound)

Other National placings

  • Lisa Matton 2nd (Open Female Recurve)
  • Chevyone Cheah 2nd (Cub Female Recurve)
  • Alex Kim 2nd (Intermediate Male Recurve)
  • Eammon Marha 3rd (Cadet Male Recurve)
  • Peter Hale 2nd (Veteran+ Male Barebow Recurve)
  • Leon Hides 3rd (Veteran+ Male Barebow Recurve)
  • Elizabeth Hole 3rd (Master Female Barebow Recurve)
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State Indoor Championships

4 Full Podium Finishes to SOPA

  • Alex King 1st ; Greg Nguyen 2nd; Dawid Bester 3rd (Open Male Recurve)
  • Lisa Matton 1st; Joanna Murray 2nd; Tayla King 3rd (Open Female Recurve)
  • Rob Clarke 1st; Norman Sim 2nd; Raymond Broady 3rd (Veteran Male Recurve)
  • Peter Hale 1st; Leon Hides 2nd (Veteran+ Male Barebow Recurve)
  • Shaun Wang 1st; Eammon Marha 3rd (Cadet Male Recurve)
  • Alex Kim 1st (Intermediate Male Recurve)
  • Mat Tonowicz 1st (20 & Under Male Compound)
  • Chevyone Cheah 1st (Cub Female Recurve)
  • Elizabeth Hole 2nd (Master Female Barebow Recurve)
  • Kevin Curran 2nd (Master Male Compound)
  • Catherine Files 2nd (Veteran Female Recurve)
  • Laura Trezise 3rd (Intermediate Female Recurve)
  • Pearly Sim 3nd (Veteran Female Compound)

An extraordinary effort, especially when you consider the club does not have an indoor facility.

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SOPA has 4 out of the top 6 national male recurve archers

In the latest National ranking list SOPA has filled 4 of the top 6 places with Matt Gray, Alex King, Shaun Wang and Jaymie Murray leading the way and Dawid Bester not far behind.

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SOPA Cleans up at 2015 State Championships

SOPA hosted the Archery NSW 720 Matchplay Championships and won 7 out of the 10 medals on offer.

  • Shaun Wang - Gold (Men Recurve)
  • Alex King - Silver (Men Recurve)
  • Lisa Matton - Silver (Women Recurve)
  • Jonathan Milne - Silver (Men Compound)
  • Tayla King - Bronze - (Women Recurve)
  • Dawid Bester - Bronze - (Men Recurve)
  • Ian Assidera - Bronze - (Men Compound)
The extraordinary result for the club at this tournament is a indication SOPA's KiSik Lee coaching programs through head coach Ricci Cheah are starting to pay dividends.

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2015 Youth Nationals

SOPA members picked up a total of 15 medals at the Youth Nationals held at Penrith:

  • Shaun Wang (Cadet Recurve) GOLD:target GOLD:field GOLD:clout SILVER:matchplay GOLD:Recurve Team
  • Eddie Upston (Cub Recurve) GOLD:clout SILVER:field BRONZE:target
  • Laura Trezise (Intermediate Recurve) GOLD:clout GOLD: Recurve Team
  • Alex Kim (Intermediate Recurve) BRONZE:target BRONZE:field
  • Mat Tonowicz (Junior Compound) BRONZE:matchplay BRONZE:clout
  • Daniel Curran (Junior Compound) SILVER:Field

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National Matchplay Series

SOPA archers came away with 4 of the 6 medals on offer at the National Matchplay Series held in Sydney. Matt Gray won silver and Alex King a bronze in the men's recurve. Ian Asidera a silver and Jonathon Milne a bronze in the compound.

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SOPA at the 2015 Australian Open

Eleven SOPA archers attended a very cold and windy 2015 Australian Open in Hobart. 15 year old Shaun Wang was very impressive when he almost caused a big upset in his first major tournament against one of Australia's top recurve archers. Medals went to our two existing Olympians, Matt and Elisa. Matt is one of Australia's most experienced archers with three Olympics behind him, he won a Gold in teams and a Silver in the individual. Elisa won a Silver in teams. This was Elisa's first tournament back from a break since she represented Australia at the London Olympics, she still is the only archer to have won the Australian Open 3 years in succession. All of our archers gained confidence and experience shooting against Australia's elite and coach Ricci can't wait until next years Open following the very impressive performances by our archers under pressure and difficult weather conditions.

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World's first Level 3 Coach

Following another intensive week with the world's top coach KiSik Lee at the third Sydney seminar, SOPA's Head Coach Ricci Cheah has now become the world's first Level 3 KLICC Certified Coach. Ricci's coaching level is now equivalent to Level 5 in the USA. Well done Ricci! Elisa achieved Level 2 Certification and Rachael, Tayla and Alex King were awarded Level 1 further strengthening our club's knowledge and coaching depth.

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Korean Para Team

SOPA welcomes the Korean Para Archery Team who are back at SOPA to enjoy the warmth for a few weeks training.

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National Champions

The 2014 Archery Australia National Championships were held at Geelong in Victoria this year with SOPA well represented. Congratulations to the following medal recipients

  • Gold - Kevin Gillett (x2) and Tayla King
  • Silver - Mari Luise Agius (x2) and Joanna Murray
  • Bronze - Tracy Bryen and Kevin Gillet
  • Kevin Gillet also took out the All Round Award for Recurve Veterans
  • Tayla King smashed the National record with an outstanding performance in the Open Women's Clout.

Well done to all SOPA members who participated.

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