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Before you can apply to join the club you need to have either done a beginners course or have evidence that you have been a member of a registered archery organisation.

Beginners Classes

The Club does not offer basic Beginners Courses, and recommends that all new Archers attend the Beginners Courses at Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre (SOPAC), also based at Sydney International Archery Centre, prior to purchasing their own Equipment and joining our Club. Whatever you do, do not purchase any equipment prior to talking to us or you most likely will not purchase the correct equipment for you.

More information about the beginners course can be found by contacting SOPAC

Phone: (02) 9714 7502

Once you have completed the beginners course at SOPAC or you have been registered with another registered archery organisation you can apply to join the club.

Club Membership

Free use of the clubs shooting facilities 7 days a week, sports insurance and unlimited participation in club competitions and membership to World Archery Australia, Archery Society of NSW and Archery Australia.

The following rates apply for 12 month memberships

Senior: $280
Junior (under 18): $220
Family: First 2 members = $560 + $60 per additional family member under 18

How to Apply

You can simply apply online or send us the completed Application Form you can download here.