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Coaching at SOPA

Sydney Olympic Park Archers has one of the best facilities for coaching in Australia. Since the closing of the archery program at the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) and continuing failure by Archery Australia over the past 10 years to re-establish Australia as a dominant world force in the sport, SOPA has endeavoured to take on the role of training archers by implementing a training system that is now being recognised throughout the world. When looking for a training system we went to the world's best and most successful coach, KiSik Lee. Mr Lee has coached archers to over 40 Olympic and World Championship medals including Australia's only Olympic medallists, Simon Fairweather and Tim Cuddihy and arguably the best recurve archer of all time, USA archer Brady Ellison.

With the support of World Archery Australia and our President Jon Barnard we adopted the KiSik Lee Coaching Certification (KLICC) System and have the World's first Level 3 KLICC as our full time coach. This modern method pioneered by Mr Lee uses advanced biomechanics providing stronger technique with less chance of injury as well as sound process and mental conditioning which is becoming such an important part of archery at a world level. Certification to become a coach (Level 2) takes a minimum of one years training as well as having to pass theory (80%) and rigorous practical level exams.

As at 01/01/2015 the following are recognised coaches and beginner instructors at SOPA.

Level 3 and Head Coach

Ricci Cheah: Ricci is SOPA's full time Head Coach and is currently the only coach in the world to be accredited to KLICC Level 3 Certification. Ricci originally trained under KiSik Lee at the AIS and became a World Junior Champion (Teams) in 2008. Ricci has over 16 years experience in archery and is also a qualified physiotherapist. He is one of the High Performance coaches in Australia and recently went to Rio Paralympics as Head coach of the Australian Paralympic Team where Paralympian Jonathon Milne won Bronze for Australia.

Level 2 Coach

Greg Nguyen: Greg is a Level 2 KLICC and achieved his Level 2 Certification in December 2013. Greg has attended 3 KSL coaching seminars and has over two years experience as an instructor and coach.

Elisa Barnard: Elisa is new to coaching having achieved Level 1 in December 2013 and Level 2 KLICC in December 2014, however Elisa has a wealth of experience (over 10 years of elite archery) having trained at the AIS and competed at many world events including the 2012 London Olympics. Elisa is currently in her final year of completing a psychology degree at Macquarie University and is looking to help others in the psychology of archery which has now become a very important part of the sport.

Alex King: Alex achieved his level 2 certification in 2015 and has been coaching at the club now for 2 years developing our junior team. He also works at Abbey Archery and competes at a high level with recurve and compound.

Laura Trezise: Laura has recently completed her Level 2 coaching certification in 2016, she primarily works with developing the young juniors in the club. She has also recently won bronze at the Australian Open this year.

Ben Page: Also recently completing his Level 2 certification is Ben. He along with the other team of assistant coaches in the club teach and build on the foundation of Sydney Olympic Park Archers Club.

Club Programs

Junior Development Program

Group coaching Beginners to Intermediate level

SOPA B Team Development

SOPA A Team High Performance

Para Archery Development Team

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